Statement by the delegation of Ukraine at a UN Security Council briefing on Libya ICC

Statement by the delegation of Ukraine at a UN Security Council briefing on Libya ICC

Mr. President,

I would like to thank ICC Prosecutor Madame Bensouda for her informative briefing on the twelfth report regarding the ICC work on implementing Resolution 1970 (2011).

We have to acknowledge that since the last discussion of this matter by the Council the overall picture remains the same.

After more than five years since the adoption of the above-mentioned Resolution the perpetrators of the major crimes against humanity, referred to the ICC, have not been held accountable.

However, this is not a result of the unwillingness of the Libya authorities to cooperate with the Court.

On the contrary, as it is highlighted in the report, the Government of National Accord is truly committed to implement the 2013 Memorandum of Understanding on Burden Sharing and the Libyan Prosecutor-General’s office continues to cooperate with the ICC.

We take note of the continuation of the Court’s examination of crimes committed in the territory of Libya and the collection of respective evidence.

In our view, a particular focus during these activities should be given to atrocities committed by ISIL, Ansar Al-Sharia and other non-state parties in Libya.

In this respect, Ukraine strongly condemns attacks against civilians, abductions and assassinations of government officials and judges, as well as shellings of hospitals and looting of property, which are regrettably still a common occurrence across the country.

We consider that much more could be done to ensure accountability for such crimes if the ICC personnel were able to conduct investigations within the territory of Libya.

We fully agree that this will require the stabilization of the security situation as well as the provision of both meaningful financial resources and assurances with regard to the security of the ICC staff.

In conclusion we would like to stress that the Court is be able to deliver justice to victims only with the full backing by this Council and relevant UN entities, including the UN Support Mission in Libya, as well States Parties to the Rome Statute.

I thank you.