Explanation of vote after voting US draft resolution on Syria

Explanation of vote after voting US draft resolution on Syria

Mr President,

Ukraine co-sponsored and voted in favor of this draft resolution proceeding from the following position.

1. Continuous allegations of the use of chemical weapons in Syria, which causes enormous suffering and is a blatant violation of international law, require an uncompromised and firm response from the Council. Not only through condemning such horrible crimes, but rather by taking effective action, including through mobilizing all the tools available to that end and without undermining their efficiency, to ensure accountability.

2. Ukraine commends JIM’s efforts in executing its mandate based on the principles of impartiality, objectivity and independence. It is the only tool at Council’s disposal, with a mandate to identify organizers and perpetrators of the use of chemical weapons. No outstanding differences of opinions on the «Syrian chemical file» should be used to justify actions aimed at destroying JIM. Doing this effectively amounts to shielding those responsible for atrocious crimes from justice.

Mr President,

Today the Council failed again to exercise its responsibilities under the UN Charter.

The Council’s continuous inability to address chemical attacks in Syria is leading to further impunity and sending a signal to perpetrators that they can get away with murder. It has already become a routine, that despite an overwhelming support, one Council member continues to block each and every decision that could move us closer to bringing perpetrators of atrocities in Syria to justice.

Playing «a JIM» card in one’s political game is utterly cynical and cannot be understood or accepted by responsible members of the international community.

I wish to sincerely commend the dedication and flexibility of the US delegation, which made every effort to preserve the Mechanism, including through a maximum accommodation of various concerns of different Council’s members into the final text, while preserving the primary part of the Mechanism’s mandate, which is investigation and identification of those responsible for chemical weapons’ use in Syria.

But, regrettably, it’s not the issue of different approaches on the subject. It is an issue of a single minded pursuit to destroy an international system built around respect for norms and principles of international law, which all of us and our predecessors were so carefully constructing for many decades.

Dear colleagues.

I believe, that despite the voting results, we have to continue our joint efforts in defending and restoring respect for international law. I wish to reiterate that the time for justice will come.