Statement by the delegation of Ukraine at the UNSC briefing on nonproliferation/DPRK

Statement by the delegation of Ukraine at the UNSC briefing on nonproliferation/DPRK

1. I thank Under-Secretary-General J. Feltman for his briefing on the latest intercontinental ballistic missile launch by DPRK.

This launch, in blatant violation of numerous Council’s resolutions fosters the growing nuclear threat in the region. Despite immense political and diplomatic efforts to halt the North-Korean WMD programs, we have seen no signs whatsoever of DPRK’s intention to change its behavior. The North-Korean irresponsible policy has already seriously undermined the non-proliferation regime as a whole. In this regard I wish to recall statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine from 29 November 2017, which states, inter alia, that:

“Ukraine resolutely condemns the launch of the new intercontinental ballistic missile Hwansong-15 capable to carry nuclear payload, conducted on November 28, 2017 by the DPRK.

This deliberate act of Pyongyang aimed at development of more powerful missiles as well as its threats to use nuclear weapons, seriously endanger not only the security of North Korea’s immediate neighbors, but also global security and stability far beyond the Korean peninsula. (…)…

Ukraine aligns itself with all states, who have condemned this dangerous act of Pyongyang, and calls upon the DPRK leadership to stop its provocations immediately.”

2. I join the previous speakers in commending your efforts, Mr President, as a Chair of the 1718 Committee, aimed at ensuring full implementation of the Security Council resolutions related to DPRK.

We welcome significant expansion of the relevant sanction regime according to the recent Council’s decisions, as well as dynamic outreach activities conducted by both the Italian Chair and the Panel of Experts.

Unconditional and full compliance with the resolutions is one of the key prerequisites to lower the level of the nuclear threat in the region and to curb the ability of the North Korea to carry out further provocations.

In this regard we endorse constructive work of the Committee during the reporting period, in particular the update of 1718 control lists in accordance with resolutions 2371 and 2375, and the adoption of several Implementation Assistance Notices.

The specific and result-oriented measures are important for strengthening effectiveness and efficiency of the current sanction regime.

3. To conclude, I wish to stress that yesterday’s provocation dampened hopes for resuming a dialogue on denuclearization of the North Korea. Frankly, after 2,5 months of “no tests and launches” there appeared a glimmer of hope that such a dialogue is not out of reach. However, yesterday’s act clearly demonstrated that the North-Korean regime is not interested in talks. Instead, it is striving recklessly to entertain idee fixe of obtaining the status of nuclear weapon state — which will never be recognized or tolerated by the international community anyway.

Mr. President,

Ukraine stands ready to engage constructively with all the partners to change the current situation and to move closer to denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Thank you.