Statement by the delegation of Ukraine at the Arria formula meeting on the situation in Myanmar

Statement by the delegation of Ukraine at the Arria formula meeting on the situation in Myanmar

Madam Chair,

Ukraine remains deeply concerned about the continued deterioration of the situation in Myanmar.

We strongly condemn the military coup and the overthrow of the democratically elected government in Myanmar. Against this backdrop, it is outrageous and unacceptable to observe military junta’s external support – political, military, diplomatic, including in the UN Security Council, primarily from Russia.

Ukraine also strongly denounces the horrible acts of violence against civilian population, which culminated at the commemoration of the Day of the Armed Forces of Myanmar on 27 March 2021, when the military and security forces killed more than 100 civilians, including women, youth and children.

As of today, more than 500 civilians have been killed by the military and those numbers continue to grow. In this regard, we echo the UN Secretary-General’s and the Security Council’s calls on the Myanmar military to stop the repression against peaceful demonstrators immediately and unconditionally, including the use of lethal force, intimidation, harassment and tortures. Violent response against peaceful protest is unacceptable.

Ukraine calls for the immediate release of all those arbitrarily detained, including Myanmar’s political leaders, civil society representatives, human rights advocates, journalists and media workers, as well to end the state of emergency and restore the rule of law.

We are also deeply alarmed by the crackdown on freedom of opinion and expression, including the internet shutdowns, which severely restrict the access of the population to information.

Ukraine joins the international community’s call for safe and unimpeded humanitarian access to the most vulnerable population, as well as for the voluntary, dignified and sustainable return of the Rohingya and other minorities to Myanmar.

We urge the military and security forces to conduct transparent investigations into all allegations of human rights violations and abuses, as well as to ensure justice for victims and accountability for the perpetrators of such acts.

Ukraine reiterates its full support to the activities of regional organizations, in particular the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

We also recall the need to grant an access to the Special Envoy on Myanmar to assess the developments on the ground and to facilitate in calming down the situation and creating pre-conditions for dialogue and return to democratic path.

Madam Chair,

The time to act is now. Since the UN Security Council meaningful action is blocked by the usual suspect – the Russian Federation – it comes to the General Assembly to step in, the sooner the better. We will do our share for this to happen.

Finally, Madam Chair, I would like to reaffirm Ukraine’s firm support for the sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity of Myanmar.

Thank you, Madam Chair.