Statement of the delegation of Ukraine at the UNSC high-level open debate on Women, peace and security

Statement of the delegation of Ukraine at the UNSC high-level open debate on Women, peace and security

As delivered

Madam President, distinguished members of the Security Council,

I also recognize the representative of putin’s regime in the permanent seat of the Soviet Union. The pile of lies dropped by Russia envoy here in the morning will be used in the future trials, where the Russian war criminals and their accomplices will be prosecuted.

We thank Albania for calling this open debate and thank all briefers for their comprehensive presentations.

We align ourselves with the statement delivered by the Group of Friends of Women, Peace and Security.

The WPS Agenda has always been of the utmost significance for Ukraine. Under the circumstances of ongoing russian aggression since 2014, Ukraine adopted a National Action Plan on WPS, and was the first among the UN Member States to do this during a situation of conflict.

Implementation of the first National Action Plan bears witness to the progress made on many indicators, including the positioning of women in senior government and elected representation offices.

Russia’s war against Ukraine has made it clear that our second National Action Plan, covering the period of 2020-2025, requires serious updates and adjustment to new security threats. Our commitment to implementing the UNSC Resolution 1325 remains the same, but our capabilities have been undermined by russia’s invasion.

We update the NAP against the backdrop of the destruction of civilian infrastructure by russian forces and war crimes committed by russian soldiers against women, in particular use of sexual violence as a weapon. The updated draft is expected in August 2022.

We appreciate UN assistance in this process. In a Memorandum signed by Ukraine and the UN on 3rd May we identified key areas for cooperation to be included in the updated NAP. I would like to commend the efforts of Ms. Pramilla Patten, the UNSG Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict and her team in this regard. Among the practical steps is the opening of centers of assistance for war terror survivors. The first one is to be opened soon in cooperation with the UN Population Fund in one of the cities near the frontline.

Dear colleagues,

As the Secretary-General pointed out today, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has forced millions of women and children to flee their country overnight. In general, they remain among the most vulnerable groups in any conflict situation and Russia’s war against my country is not an exception.

It is important, to keep women and girls as a focus of all programs involving humanitarian and economic assistance, protection from crime, and political empowerment.

We support calls for adequate funding of women’s rights organizations that contribute to the prevention of and responses to trafficking and gender-based violence, as well as for the funding of healthcare, childcare, and education. Programs aimed at countering exploitation of women and girls as unpaid providers of care work, as well as those aimed at supporting women’s local initiatives, in particular on rehabilitation of areas affected by war, must be among our priorities.

Madam President,

We are convinced that implementation of the 1325 Resolution will only be effective if national efforts are complemented by cooperation within regional and sub-regional organizations. In the context of forcible seizure of power, they could be instrumental in providing support for conflict mediation and resolution, and also for planning post-war reconstruction and future conflict prevention.

In this regard, Ukraine has always supported the OSCE's efforts to develop a regional plan to implement UNGA Resolution 1325. We regret that russia’s destructive stance on the matter affects our progress on WPS agenda in OSCE.

It is also alarming that russia keeps on trying to undermine the work of the OSCE Project Coordinator's Office in Ukraine which has been instrumental in implementing WPS projects in Ukraine. If russia opts for breaking consensus the Office may close as soon as July.

We welcome the continued efforts of the EU, OSCE and NATO as regional partners to strengthen the support for women peacebuilders, human rights defenders, activists, and gender equality advocates.

Ukraine also confirms its full commitment to furthering awareness and implementation of the Women Peace and Security Agenda.

I thank you, Madam President.