Statement by Deputy Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Head of Antiterrorist Centre at Security Service of Ukraine, Mr. Serhii Andrushchenko at UN Global Congress of Victims of Terrorism

I am very grateful for the opportunity to perform at such a prestigious venue.

This is, first of all, an opportunity to tell what manifestations of terrorism by the Russian Federation our state faced. And what are its real dimensions.

Every day, not only Ukraine, but also the whole world receives new evidence: Russia is a terrorist country. It did not start on February 24, it started much earlier.

One of the first acts of terrorism by the Russian Federation in Ukraine occurred back in July 2014, when pro-Russian militants shot down the Malaysian airliner MH 17. 298 passengers and crew died. But this was not enough to recognize this act as "state terrorism".

And today, in the seventh month of a full-scale war, the actions of the Russian Federation fully and completely fall under all 11 criteria defined by the Geneva Declaration on Terrorism.

And for us, these are not dry numbers of official documents, but thousands of human victims.

Since the beginning of the invasion, Russia has launched 8,208 missile-bomb attacks on Ukraine (as of August 11). And only 5% of them hit military targets. That is, every 20th hit falls on military targets. And the remaining 19 destroy residential buildings, schools, kindergartens, universities, hospitals, railway stations and shopping centers.

Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Vinnytsia, Kremenchuk are hundreds of innocent victims of Russian missiles.

And also Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka - where the Russian army during the temporary occupation used torture, murder, rape and looting on the civilian population.

Hundreds of residents are buried in mass graves. There is not even an exact number - because the bodies of the tortured are still found in different places, and the search continues.

Another type of terrorism - nuclear - is committed by Russia at the Zaporizhzhya NPP, placing military equipment in power units. The situation at the largest nuclear power plant in Europe is getting worse every day.

But we are doing everything possible to protect not only our territories, but also world security. However, the world must understand that this aggression will not stop in Ukraine. This is confirmed by the statements of Russian diplomats, the theft of Ukrainian crops in the occupied territories, the threat of a food crisis, etc.

There is only one way to stop a terrorist state: defeat it and punish it for its crimes.

And Ukraine calls on the world to act together for the sake of peace and security!