Заява делегації України під час розгляду проєкту резолюції ГА ООН "Співробітництво між ООН та СНД"

Заява делегації України під час розгляду проєкту резолюції ГА ООН "Співробітництво між ООН та СНД"

Before the General Assembly proceeds with the adoption of draft resolution A/75/L.19, entitled “Cooperation between the United Nations and the Commonwealth of Independent States” (CIS), I would like to make the following statement.

Ukraine considers cooperation between the United Nations and regional organizations as stipulated in Chapter VIII of the Charter of the United Nations to be a vital tool for the effective settlement of conflicts and for promoting peace and security. Regional organizations’ engagement in peace-related tasks has intensified and they have become increasingly recognized as a vital component of conflict prevention and management initiatives.

At the same time, we cannot support the idea to use the United Nations to promote the CIS. Unfortunately, this formation continues to discredit itself and cannot be considered as constructive regional player. Recent events in the region further proved that this Russia-led commonwealth is not going to contribute to peaceful settlement of local disputes as stipulated by both the UN and CIS Charters.

On the contrary, it encourages its member-states to further violate international law.

Take Russian aggression against Ukraine. Russia blatantly violated one of the main principles of the CIS Charter, in particular, “inviolability of state borders, recognition of existing borders and rejection of illegal territorial acquisitions”. We haven’t heard any word of condemnation or concern by CIS of this aggressive behavior of its member-state.

Or take more recent example – events in Belarus. Only CIS monitors consider elections in this country to be conducted and, I quote, “in full compliance with generally recognized international standards”. We all see what these standards cost for Belarus people, their dignity and freedom.

Finally, I would also like to draw your attention that back in 1991 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine specified that Ukraine, as one of the CIS founding members, denied, and I quote, “granting the Commonwealth of Independent States status of a subject of international law”. This is due to the fact that the Agreement on the Establishment of the CIS, the Alma Ata Declaration and the CIS Charter do not endow the Commonwealth with such a status.

Under the mentioned circumstances, Ukraine dissociates itself from the consensus on the adoption of draft resolution A/75/L.19. The adoption of the draft resolution should not be interpreted as de jure recognition of the Commonwealth as a regional organization or arrangement, as defined in Chapter VIII of the Charter of the United Nations.

I thank you